Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lego Creations 101

After printing out some relatively easy step-by-step building instructions from the Lego site I was finally able to let Joseph have his Lego-time freeing me up to give the girls a little more help with their lessons. What a difference a little organization and pre-planning on my part made! Joseph was able to work independently on his project while still being in the room with us. There have been a lot less distractions since starting this and it’s educational too. Lego-Time is a success!!!


For his first creation he chose the alligator. Notice he didn’t stick with the colors in the directions, but instead went with a bit of individual creativity – I like that!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Phy-Ed Fun

Warmer temps here in Wisconsin mean it’s time to move Phy-Ed back outdoors again. We added a few new “toys” to the equipment closet. The first one we tried out were these awesome Giant Retro Space Hoppers from Wild Creations.


Cute, right?


They start out small, but with a little help from the included foot pump they get pretty darn big.


And boy did the kids have a blast!






More Bouncing…


and even a little Leaping…

Since introducing these a couple of weeks ago they continue to happily spend an active half hour or more playing with them whenever the weather permits . As a matter of fact I’ve even gotten a few workouts in, especially when playing Bumper Balls with the little dude. Lots of fun for the whole family!!!